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Fall Maintenance Tasks

1. Whirlpool Tub - Check and clean the pump and line: *Set air control knobs to the closed position (turn clockwise). *Fill whirlpool with hot water only. (At least 2" above hgihest jet.) *Add 2 teaspoons of low-sudsing automatic dishwasher detergent. *Start whirlpool and run for 20 minutes. *When the pump stops, drain the system.

2. Hot Water Heater General: Visually inspect the main burner, pilot burner, and venting system: Burner - If inspection of the burner shows that cleaning is required, turn the gas control knob clockwise to the "off" position, depressing slightly. NOTE: The knob cannot be turned from "pilot" to "off" position unless knob is depressed slightly. Loose deposits on or around the burner can be removed by carefully inserting the hose of a vacuum cleaner through the access door of the water heater. If the burner needs to be removed for additional cleaning, call a qualified service company to remove and clean the burner.

3. Hot Water Heater: Vent system - If inspection of the venting system shows black soot, call a qualified service company immediately. Remove any debris or obstructions from venting system, which could cause improper venting and a dangerous situation.

4. Hot Water Heater: Drain Valve - At least once a year, your water heater should be drained to remove deposits and sediment which settles and forms at the bottom of your water heater tank. At the base of your water heater is a drain valve with hose connection.

5. Reverse Osmosis System - Check the filter and change if necessary. It is recommended that filters be changed at least every 6 months.

6. Sillcocks or Lawn Faucets - It is very important the waterlines to your outside lawn faucets are shut off and drained each fall. This will prevent the water standing in the pipe from freezing, which will cause the pipe to split or burst. A cracked or bust pipe will produce a major leak, which could cause significant damage to your house. Follow these steps and make sure all sillcocks are taken care of: Each sillcock has a separate shut-off valve in the mechanical room. A tag or pipe marker should identify these valves. Close the valve by turning the round, blue handle clockwise until tight. Go outside, remove the garden hose and store away. Open the sillcock by turning the handle counter-clockwise and leave it open. Return inside to shut-off valve and remove small cap on side of valve. Have a pail ready, as water will drain out of the water line from your sillcock. Replace cap after water stops draining. It is very important the small rubber gasket in cap is in place when you screw it back on.

7. Lawn Irrigation or Sprinkler System - It is very important the waterline to your lawn sprinkler system is shut off and drained each fall. This will require an air compressor and should be done by a lawn sprinkler contractor or landscape professional.

8. Smoke detectors - change the batteries and vacuum the sensors.

9. Inspect gutters and down spouts for leaves and debris and clean as necessary.

10. Inspect roof vents and soffit vents for debris. It is important to keep these clean so as to allow the house attic to breath properly.

11. Seal all granite tops with an easy on, wipe off sealer to maximize beauty / performance.

12. Remove window screens.

13. Adjust thermostat for season change.

14. Furnace filters must be checked frequently. We recommend that in the first 6 months of a new home that the filter be changed every month. After the first 6 months you should check it at least every 4-6 months and replace if necessary. A clogged filter will affect the airflow, efficiency, and the life of your furnace. A plugged filter can "starve" the furnace for air, and cause it to shut down.

15. On or about November 1, turn on the Venmar Supra control and set the dial to the outside temperature. This will begin the air exchange process of your home during the winter months, keeping your home and your family healthy. Consult the directions and use the control to keep condensation and ice build up off of your windows on especially cold days.

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