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Spring Maintenance Tasks

1. Sump Pump - Sump pumps are designed to remove ground water from your drain tile system. The water enters perforated pipes near your home's foundation and flow to a sump basket. As the water level in the basket increases, the motor will start and pump the water up a discharge pipe and out of your house. As the water leaves the house, it discharges onto the ground or into a flexible hose extension kit. It is very important that your house is landscaped properly so the sump discharge water can flow away from the house. The frequency that your pump runs is based on the amount of ground water in your area. Periodic inspection (at least once a year) is required to remove sand, dirt, and rocks that migrate into the sump pit. If left, they could enter the pump, cause it to fail, and possibly flood your lower level. If your house has a flexible hose extension kit, it must be removed in the fall. Failure to remove this hose shall cause it to freeze up and prevent the sump water from discharging.

2. Reverse Osmosis System - Check the filter and change if necessary. It is recommended that filters be changed at least every 6 months.

3. Furnace filters must be checked frequently. We recommend that in the first 6 months of a new home that the filter be changed every month. After the first 6 months you should check it at least every 4-6 months and replace if necessary. A clogged filter will affect the airflow, efficiency, and the life of your furnace. A plugged filter can "starve" the furnace for air, and cause it to shut down.

4. Smoke detectors - change the batteries and vacuum the sensors.

5. Check around the foundation of your home for any ground settling and maintain all positive drainage.

6. Lubricate the rollers and guides on garage door tracks and operator.

7. Seed and feed the lawn.

8. Start up sprinkler system and adjust all heads.

9. Inspect all tub and shower locations for cracks and re-caulk as necessary.

10. Open exterior water faucets to ensure proper functioning.

11. Turn off humidifier water line and sensor.

12. Inspect dryer venting for lint build-up and clean out as necessary.

13. Check A/C unit- professional service is recommended to maximize efficiency.

14. Mechanical Air Exchange System - Check all exterior intake and exhaust hoods and clean as needed. Check filter on unit: vacuum accumulated dust, wash filter with lukewarm water, let dry and reinstall. Also, the heat recovery core should be cleaned once a year. Turn off the Venmar Supra control and set the dial to Summerette.

15. Seal all granite tops with an easy on, wipe off sealer to maximize beauty / performance.

16. Clean off any salt deposits on concrete to ensure a lasting finish.

17. Put window screens on.

18. Adjust thermostat for season change.

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