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Winter Maintenance Tasks
1. Check and clean the pump and lines of your whirlpool tub: *Set air control knobs to the closed position (turn clockwise). *Fill whirlpool with hot water only. (At least 2" above highest jet.) *Add 2 teaspoons of low-sudsing automatic dishwasher detergent. *Start whirlpool and run for 20 minutes. *When the pump stops, drain the system.

2. It is very important that you remove any snow or ice build-up from plumbing vent openings.

3. Furnace filters must be checked frequently. A clogged filter will affect the airflow, efficency, and the life of your furnace. A very plugged filter can "starve" the furnace for air, and cause it to shut down.

4. Check shower / tub caulking.

5. Check humidifier filter.

6. Clean out intake vents on exterior.

7. Clean out intake vents on the exterior of house that serve the mechanical air exchange unit and the water heater.

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